Eevee felt the need to clean up. It got pretty messy in there.

Mogwai pleads the fifth

Jameson tends to his teeth with a toothpick. Apparently he had been using his post 'almost-died-diving-in-fucking-lava' time to eat a large meal.

Eevee wouldn't miss it. Also boundless loyalty to the master's whims.

Mogwai looks over to Nagol "You're interested in coming along to seek the mana spirit Undine, correct?"

Nagol nods in agreement with Mogwai.

Jameson says ' Just to be sure. We're not diving into any underwater goddamn volcanos right?'

Nagol says 'That sounds pretty cool'

Mogwai nods "Suppose that works out then. I got scuba gear for my usual group, but since one of them didn't show... you can be the new Twilight." She beckons to group to follow her north through the Truce Canyon "No, just water this time."

Mogwai leads the group to the bridge, where a raft is tied up just below. She hops on board and waves for the others to follow.

Eevee leaps onto the raft.

Nagol Happily jumps onto the raft

Mogwai attempts to catch Eevee. Effective?

Eevee attempts to be in an attempt to be caught.

Nagol lands safely on the Raft

Mogwai says "We're heading to the El Nido Triangle today. It should be a lot safer than last time, just a stretch of ocean where the winds die, and ships have been known to disappear, with the whole crew never to be heard from again. We'll be fine."

Jameson burps loudly and throws his well-used toothpick behind his shoulder before looking at the raft dubiously. He tests it a few times and then steps on. "Not the least stable thing I've ridden on."

Nagol works on another one of His Machines

Mogwai unties the raft from its mooring, the current carrying the group out into the Aegian Sea

Eevee was lost at the 'We're heading to the El Nido' part.

Jameson says ' So, another question here. How long is it going to take us to get there?'

Nagol says 'This Machine of Mine will create a Bubble around the User when they are in Water.'

Mogwai says 'Not long as all. Faster than the trip to Gold City, but a bit slower than our trip to the Barrel Volcano. I'm afraid I haven't gotten my mechanic to do a total overhaul on this thing yet.'

Mogwai pulls one of the SCUBA sets out of her bag "Mine will just let you breathe."

Nagol says 'Don't worry, I brought my own Scuba Set'

Nagol Pulls out a Scuba Mask and Air Tank

Jameson says ' Haaaa, gimmie a Scuba set. As much as I don't trust the new guy's shit at all, I don't trust it at all.'

Eevee tries to remember whether or not he’s ever swum before.

Nagol rests on the side of the Raft, working on His Machine

Mogwai pulls a few more things out of her bag. Some cups, a few tea leaves, a kettle, and a quartz crystal. She focuses on the crystal, making it turn red. The kettle swiftly starts to boil, and Mogwai pours some out for everyone "Ah, just as I thought. This might come in handy later..."

Eevee can't remember. Maybe he can, maybe he can't. But that's why he's just so reliable!

Eevee sniffs the strange mixture cautiously.

Mogwai explains to the others "After seeing Eevee's transformation the other day, I got to thinking. Perhaps the blessings affect each of us differently? I noticed I was able to focus it through crystals. Where I come from, we have what's called Crystal Synthesis. A way of using the elements to create things. The tea's just a simple test but... if I can use Salamando's gift like I could a fire crystal, there's a lot of potential there."

Jameson stares blankly at Mogwai, and then scratches his chin. "Yeah? And?"

Eevee doesn't quite remember how he did that. He's sure that it will happen again when it's necessary. Maybe.

Mogwai calmly drinks her tea "With the right materials, all I need to do is imagine the finished product, and I can make it. No need for a refinery, a vast array of tools, or anything like that. Haven't you ever been in the middle of nowhere, and wished you had one vital thing?"

Mogwai says 'It does make me wonder... how the blessings have affected you.'

Eevee thinks that's cool. He has a hard time imagining anything. Like that one time where--oh look, a fish!

Jameson shrugs. "Only new thing I had after last time was a dire need to take a crap. Turned out messy."

Mogwai says 'Well, I'm sure you'll find the answer some day. Just think of what it was you did well in the past.'

Jameson says ' Lady. What I did well in the past doesn't matter anymore. Why else do you think I'm here with this little freak?'

Mogwai shrugs "Everything we've done in the past plays a part in who we are today. Speaking of which, the pass is coming up. Holding on today may mean breathing tomorrow."

Eevee didn't have much of a past. He was ditched because he wasn't as sharp as the others of his kind. But he's liking his future, if it kupos on like this.

Mogwai holds on to Eevee with one arm, and grabs onto the mooring rope with the other

Eevee braces for whatever.

Nagol holds onto what evers at hand

Jameson sits down to enjoy the upcoming unsteadyness of the water.

Nagol says 'So where did you guys go last?'

Jameson says ' Goddamn lava pools. Don't wanna talk about it.'

The raft barrels through the pass, Mogwai pulling hard on the rope to coerce the raft this way and that "Journeyed to the heart of a volcano to meet Salamando. Kind of a rude spirit, thought us fighting for our lives was entertainment."

Jameson seems to be staying attached to the raft rather well dispite his relaxed position. No, no wait he's actually gripping onto the side of the raft with white knuckles.

Eevee wonders if this is the best time to be talking about it.

Nagol sighs.

Nagol says 'Where's Helios and the Flux Componet he’s supposed to give me?'

Nagol looks at Jameson.

The raft is spat out into the unnaturally calm waters of the El Nido Triangle, where it skips a few times before coming to a rest. Mogwai pulls out the scuba gear, along with wetsuits, for Jameson and Eevee. Her own is similar to theirs, except the wetsuit appears to just be a one piece bikini "Here we are. You can just wear this over your clothes, should help keep you dry while we're down there."

Eevee stares at the wetsuit, confused.

Jameson sighs, grabs Eevee, and begins stuffing the wetsuit onto it.

Eevee is stuffed into the wetsuit.

Nagol hands everyone Strange Amulets and says, "If we're going underwater you might want these, It allows normal movement speed under the water."

Nagol wears his Amulet

Mogwai graciously accepts the amulet "An enchanting solution to one of our problems... you are shaping up to be the new Twilight."

Eevee stares at the amulet, confused.

Jameson flicks Eevee to get him to stop looking around, and then fits him with the actual scuba gear. Then he turns to getting himself outfitted.

Mogwai slips the amulet around Eevee's neck "Here you are."

Nagol smiles and says, "Well acually it's very complicated engineering. It works alot like Samus Aran's Gravity Suit."

Mogwai looks confused "Who's what?"

Jameson says ' No idea. Just let the little freak gibber.'

Eevee smiles at Mogwai in thanks.

Eevee will totally gibber. Just say the word!

Nagol says 'Samus Aran is a very famous Space Bounty Hunter, She wears a Power Suit that allow many upgrades to it. Like a Gravity Upgrade.'

Jameson looks at the amulet dubiously, and just shoves it in his pocket instead of wearing it.

Nagol looks at Jameson and says, "Trust me; It's a very useful Item. I'd wear it."

Mogwai hops off the raft and into the water, holding her crystal aloft for guidance "Ok, the spirit is down, north-northwest. Let's move out."

Nagol hops off the raft and follows Mogwai

Eevee dives into the water after Mogwai.

The world beneath the waves is beautiful. Exotic tentacools and shellders scoot about the water as the team descends, making their way to one of the underwater caves

Eevee beams in excitement at seeing his fellow pokemon. Their boundless freedom is saddening, to be so unsafe and not in the hands of a loving master.

Still, this gives Eevee a bit of confidence, in that he is not alone.

Jameson leaps into the water with a practiced ease, and spends a good bit of time ignoring the shellder and tentacools. Perhaps he had a bad situation with them earlier in his life.

Nagol says 'I'm also here to look for something very important to me.'

Nagol holds a rod: candy cane striped pink and white

Nagol says 'This is the Star Rod, or what's left of it.'

Mogwai tries to say "Oh, what?" but it just comes out as bubbly mumbles.

Jameson is busy ignoring the hell out of the kirby that's with them as well. He's very good at it.

Mogwai swims up the cave. It doesn't go in very far, but the path goes up into an air pocket. She swims up into the open air and removes her mask, smelling about "Well, good news, it's breathable."

Nagol says 'I'm looking for the pieces of the Star Rod's Shards, It told me that a Shard would be somewhere near here'

Eevee follows Mogwai into the air pocket.

Jameson comes up in the small air pocket after Mogwai and Nagol, and removes his rebreather to take in the air. "Well, so far this is better than Lava. Not by much though."

Nagol holds a Flashlight and hands one to everyone

Mogwai attaches the flashlight to the side of her wetsuit and looks around. The place is made of sleek, wet stone. It's also incredibly cold here, much more so than on the surface.

Jameson stares blankly at Nagol, then throws the flashlight over his shoulder. "So, it's cold as tits in here. Don't suppose you can use your fire crystal to warm us up, eh?"

Nagol holds and Sphere and says, "This can wear the cave up."

Mogwai focuses, causing the crystal to contain both yellow and red lights. The area around the crystal is a bit warmer

Nagol puts his Sphere next to Mogwai's Crystal and it begins to glow red. The cave gets a tad bit warmer

Unexpectedly, from near the edge of the water, there's a brilliant burst of magical energy, as the form of Twilight Sparkle materializes amid the light before it dies down.

Mogwai looks over at the burst of light "Oh hey, Real Twilight is here. Sorry Nagol, you're downgraded to simply Nagol."

Jameson looks around a bit wildly before catching sight of the horse teleporting in. "Oh what in the utter fuck?"

Nagol goes over and greets Twilight

Nagol smiles at Mogwai and says, "It's okay."

Mogwai thinks for a bit "I should really get you a phone so you can call before you do that."

Pointedly ignoring James' outburst, Twilight Sparkle casually trots over to Mogwai and Nagol, casting a simultaneous heat-illumination spell and tilting her head. "Hello there, and what do you mean? I don't get it."

Eevee quits shivering as he feels the warmth of Twilight's spell. He'd say thanks, but yeah, Eevee.

Nagol hands Mogwai a rewired Walkie Talkie and says, "She could use this for now."

Mogwai smirks "Since you weren't here, Nagol was being the new Twilight Sparkle. Now that the gang's all here, let's go. Undine is around here somewhere..." she leads the group deeper into the ice-laden tunnels.

Nagol hands Twilight a Amulet and says, "I gave the gang these, they allow faster movement underwater when you wear it."

Mogwai holds her crystal up, using it to play Hot or Cold with the spirit as she wanders through the tunnels. Every so often there's an ice sculpture of a shellder along the walls.

Eevee smiles at the sculptures and ponders the thought of an Eevee one.

Jameson strongly resists the urge to knock down the sculptures. On general principal of the whole thing.

Nagol snaps pictures of the Ice Sculptures

Even as she takes a hold of the amulet with her magic, Twilight Sparkle is slowing her pace, but to no avail as she goes sliding on the ice, despite her best efforts not to.

Mogwai finds one sculpture that doesn't fit with the rest. It's of a screaming human. "Well... that's ominous. What do you suppose it means?"

Nagol thinks and says, A warning perhaps?"

Jameson snickers at the sight of the pony sliding around insanely, and then brings his attention to the sculpture. "Well, either it's a warning, or there's something around here that can turn people into ice."

Eventually, Twilight Sparkle goes sliding into a wall, smacking face first into it with her rump and tail sticking up into the air. "...ugh."

Nagol looks closely at the Sculpture and says, "Looks very familiar."

Nagol says to Mogwai, "Reminds you of anybody?"

Jameson shrugs. "Whoever it is, they're probably dead. Last I checked, Cryogenics still wasn't a viable option."

Mogwai looks closer at the ice sculpture, holding her fire crystal up to it "Very familiar..." As she studies him, the ice begins to melt. "Oh gods, I hope you're wrong James. I think that's Finn..."

Nagol gasps in astonishment.

Eevee finds the sculpture to be a nICE work of art.

Nagol stares in complete astonishment at the Sculpture

Jameson says ' Hnn. Shit sucks, looks like your friend's an icy-pop.'

The ice cracks, splitting slowly as the crystal does its work, melting it, until finally, when it offers enough give, with a burst of ice and slush, Finn leaps free! "Hoo! Man, that was cold," he offers calmly, seeming, surprisingly, none the worse for wear. A bit wet, but that's to be expected when ice is melting from body heat on the inside. He glances up, noting the group of people, some of which he recognizes. "Oh, hey, what's up?" Still swiping off more slush and water off of him as he can.

Closing her eyes as she gets back to her hooves somewhat unsteadily, Twilight Sparkle levitates a spare blanket out of her saddlebag. "Hm..."

Eevee hears the word 'pop' and immediately looks towards Jameson expectingly.

Nagol says 'Finn, What are you doing here?

Mogwai immediately hugs Finn

Jameson stares at Finn with an eyebrow raised. "What in the actual fuck?"

Nagol Hugs Mogwai and Finn

Eevee observes the hugging, confused. Oh well.
Eevee decides to hug the stranger, too.

With a chuckle, Finn catches Mogwai and hugs her, shivering a bit as he does. "Hey, never thought I'd see you out here. In fact, I'm still not even sure where here is," he admits. But that's part of adventuring, not knowing where you are or what you're doing half the time. He peers at Jameson, Nagol, Eevee, and Twilight in turn. "Hey, TwiSpark, Nagol. I was adventuring. What else?"

Jameson is not in a hugging mood. He's in an 'what the hell is going on that we're breaking known conventions of science' mood. "You realize that you should be dead, right?"

Mogwai says 'There's a lot of reasons all of us should be dead already. Just repeat to yourself "It's magic"'

Nagol looks in Finn's Hand with complete astonishment and says, " that what I think it is? Isn't that a piece of the Star Rod I'm looking for?"

Nagol holds up the Powerless Star Rod

Jameson says ' That is the worst rationalization I have ever heard, and I am unhappy that it's actually true.'"

As curious as I am..." Twilight Sparkle uses her magic to wrap the blanket around Finn for warmth, opening her eyes. "There's something else more important right now."

"I should? I used to get frozen all the time, that's nothin' new," Finn waves a bit at Jameson, grinning. "Used to beat up a guy that used ice to attack all the time. Like the one time he summoned all the ice from my cooler to attack me.." It stung mildly. The blanket is welcome, as he hugs it to him. "Huh. What's more important?" A pause, as he blinks at his hand. "Star Rod? I dunno, I found this piece not long before I got frozen."

Nagol asks Finn, "May I please have that Star Rod Piece Finn?"

Mogwai nods "Yeah. I think I know who's going to be blocking out way this time. With any luck, our blessing from Salamando should keep the four of us safe, but Nagol and Finn may wish to be cautious."

Finn nods a bit, tossing the piece to Nagol. "Sure. Catch." A pause, as he listens to Mogwai. "Cautious about what? Only thing I've found out here is some scantily clad blue lady. Reminded me of someone I knew back home, actually, even down to the freezing thing. Didn't take kindly to me spelunking those awesome caves."

"Leave that to me." Twilight Sparkle turns, casting a strong ice-protection spell on both Finn and Nagol. "Until we get the blessing, my spell should be sufficient to keep them from getting frozen again."

Mogwai proceeds further down the tunnel, into what looks like a palace room carved from ice. A pair of large white double doors bars further entrance "You guys ready?"

Nagol Holds the Star Rod and the Piece together as they Glow a blinding white, the Star Rod now has a rotating Red Star around it.

Jameson rolls his eyes, and pulls his gloves on tighter. "Yeah yeah, let's just see what the hell kind of monster is going to attack us this time."

Eevee is totally ready. If the master is, of course.

Nagol says 'The Star Rod now has the Power of Fire in it.'

Nagol Wields the Star Rod in his hands

Twilight Sparkle's horn begins glowing a fierce red hue, instead of its usual white, as she prepares her second acquired spell. "Better get the Shockwave ready..."

Mogwai pushes the door open, her sliding on the ground removing any sense of grandeur from the act "Shiva! Mistress of Ice! We have come to see the mana spirit of Water, and you shall not stop us!" Shiva is a pale blue woman dressed in silks, sitting on a throne of ice. She gets up as Mogwai enters "Oh this will be fun."

Nagol gets ready for battle and the Star Rod's Red Star lights on Fire "Thanks, TwiSpark,"

Finn grins, happy for the ice-protection spell, as he's still trying to warm up. That might help a bit. He moves over to join her. "Hope you don't mind if I stick around." Not especially since Mogwai, Nagol and Twilight are all there, which means he's got a personal stake in their little group, now. A pause, before he slides in after Mogwai, trying to keep his footing. No matter how much he fights people on ice, he'll never truly be used to it. "Oh, hey, that's the lady. HEY, LADY, why do you freeze random people in caves, huh?!" Finn doesn't seem angry, just mildly annoyed.

"Here goes..." Twilight Sparkle's horn inexplicably begins to heat up in preparation for her second super-spell, even as she glances at Shiva with a sharp stare. "Ready to burn?"

Jameson stares at Shiva. "Okay, I get the whole, 'ice spirit' thing, but jesus lady, you wanna wear LESS clothes?"

Nagol says 'Why is the Star Rod piece of Fire in your cave?'

Eevee glares at Shiva, ready to cross some eyes and take some yen.

Shiva smirks at Finn "Ah, the child. I freeze people because it's fun. As for the other questions..." She raises her arm to the sky, summoning an immense cold around the party "Freeze!" Ice starts to encase the group, but Mogwai's crystal still allows her to move, melting the ice around her. "Everyone ok?"

Unfortunately, even as she continues to focus on her spell, Twilight Sparkle takes the full brunt of the cold snap, freezing solid before she can cast her first Volcanic Shockwave.

Jameson takes in the scene rather quickly, and grabs Eevee by the scruff of his neck before pulling back and pitching it at Shiva. "Go you little freak!" As for the whole turning into ice thing, James finds himself being frozen over much less quickly than Twilight. For some reason.

Eevee goes like a little freak. As with Jameson, he begins to slowly freeze. "Eevee!" he shouts in a manly, heroic manner as he flies head first into Shiva's chest.

Nagol doesn't seem to be too much affected by the Freeze and Swings the Star Rod at Shiva, sending the Fire Star her way.

"Oh. Well, as long as you don't go out kidnapping people or anything." To say the least, Finn's had his fair share of taking on people who kidnap other people. He dives, trying to avoid the ice, but would've probably been frozen again if not for Twilight's earlier spell. He skids slowly, and not gracefully, into a wall, before he stands and grabs his sword from his pack. "All right, lady, I'll make you pay for that!" He pushes off the wall, before leaping high into the air. "YAAAAA!" Clearly, trying to deal definitive slashing damage, complimentary of Finn's sword!

Mogwai finds herself slowed down by the ice attack, but focuses harder on the crystal, causing it to burst into a fireball. Rather than attack with it, she keeps it nearby for warmth as she draws her whip. Shiva takes the fire star attack full force, being knocked back slightly. She blocks Finn's attacks with her thick gloves, although it's debatable how much of a "block" that was. Eevee's attack is more or less ignored.

Twilight Sparkle remains frozen, with her eyes narrowed in concentration beneath the thick veneer of ice covering her body and the rest of her body locked in the position of spellcasting.

Jameson growls at his now-stuck feet, and glares about to see if there was anything he could do. Well, not really, but he does catch sight of Twilight frozen. "Ah fuckit." He pulls his fist back and sends it crashing into the horse, attempting to break the ice surrounding her before he freezes completely.

Eevee bounces off of Shiva's chest and lands on the icy floor, mostly frozen over.

Nagol looks like he is going to strike Shiva again, but sends the Fire Star to Finn's Sword powering it up.

There's a moment there where Finn huffs, not quite pleased with how easily his attack was rebuked. He skids back a bit, though that's largely because of the slippery ice and not quite by choice. He notes the Fire Star coming, and he holds up his sword. "Mathematical! All right, lady, here's what happens to people that freeze other people!" With that sword brightly lit aflame, he skids forward, offering the frozen woman a heavy, fire-enhanced slash! FWOOSH!

Shiva brings up her hands to block the attack, only to find a whip wrapping around her right arm and jerking it clear, leaving her wide open for the attack to cleave her chest. She's bleeding and singed, but kicks Mogwai in the face to knock her away "Leviathan! Come to me!

With the impact, a small piece of the ice covering Twilight Sparkle cracks and falls away, splintering the ice around her head and face heavily in turn. As her frozen prison shatters somewhat, the unicorbrarian - despite shivering - returns to charging her second super-spell. "I... D-don't like g-getting frozen... En-enough games...! Taste my Volcanic Shockwave!" With the last two words, there's a burst of magma exploding outward from her horn.

Jameson shakes his fist, sending little spots of blood all over the place, and nods at the horse. "About fucking time you did something useful aga-" The ice seems to catch up with Jameson at this point, rendering the rest of his sentence moot.

Before being completely frozen, Eevee experiences a brief moment of clarity as he remembers receiving Salamando's blessing. His fur begins to heat up immensely until it is set completely on fire! His tail splits into three, forming the shape of a flaming trident. Two fangs then protrude from his jaw, followed by a brief of fire. "Salamandeon!" Eevee shouts angrily as he observes the change in battle. Unlike the enhanced focus that came with his Lumineon form, this one seems to come with a bad temper. But rather than taking it out on Shiva, he channels his rage into a flaming dash in a circle around his companions in an attempt to ward off the freezing.

Nagol jumps on Shiva and says, "How about you eat on this!" Nagol wacks Shiva in the Face with the Star Rod causing the Fire Star to follow after it.

Finn seems, for the moment, pleased that his attack worked. He's done some actual damage, and it makes him a little more confident that things won't go poorly. Then she calls upon something, or someone, Leviathan? There's no such thing in his world, so he assumes it's either bluff, or there's more magic afoot. With his sword still licked with magical flame, he attempts to follow up his initial attack with another quick swing of his sword, while he's still in close! He's a bit tunnel-visiony sometimes

Shiva is taking quite a beating from the combined efforts from the team. The magma is heating up the arena quite a bit, weakening her powers, as she vainly attempts to fight off the party. Then Leviathan, a gigantic blue sea serpent, arrives with a tidal wave, sweeping over the party. Mogwai, to her credit, has the sense to put her scuba mask back on.

The wave, surprisingly, dissolves the ice-prison encasing Twilight Sparkle's body, even as she casts a rare spell to give her the ability to breathe underwater. "About time..."

Jameson thaws as Eevee's new form works on warming them, and rolls his shoulders, clenching his teeth hard to keep them from chattering. This stops as Leviathan sweeps into the scene, and the old Rocket trainer states simply "Fuck." before being swept over by the wave, fumbling with his rebreather.

As Eevee finishes unfreezing his companions, he stares at the incoming tidal wave followed by the new creature. Gulp. Words cannot express the pain Eevee experiences as the water douses his very being. In complete panic, he reaches out, as if calling for Lumina to save him from this pain, to which his wish was granted. Eevee then emits a blinding light as his body changes once more. His fur turns into a pale white as a luminous cloud of light encompasses him. "Lumineon!" he shouts he glares towards Leviathan, preparing a focused blast of light.

Nagol concentrates and says, "Enough!" The Fire Star grows 4

times its normal size and with one Strong Swing Nagol sends the Ultra Attack right at Shiva and the Leviathan!

Finn is prepared to attack again, a third time, until the gigantic blue sea serpent arrives. It's the last thing he expects to see, in an icy area. A tidal wave?! The smell of it reminds him of a single thing.. the ocean. "AAAHHHHHH-" SPLOOSH. The magical flames disappear from his sword as the water overcomes him, and he struggles in a blind panic to try to get his head above water. Needless to say, tidal waves don't make this particularly easy, and he can barely keep hold of his sword.

Leviathan recoils from laser blast, and throws himself in the way of Nagol's attack to protect Shiva. The mistress of ice summons small icebergs (~5 feet wide) from the air and hurls them with reckless abandon at the party. Mogwai swims over to Finn, helping him stay afloat "Don't worry, I got you."

Once again, Twilight Sparkle's horn is glowing, as she turns to simultaneously look at and cast a special breathing spell on Finn. "It's a good thing I've got so many spells to use... Just hang on, everyone!"

Jameson lets out a glub from under water as he flails, lost for the sudden shifting of what was going on in his world. His mask had moved from where it should have been, and the rocket tries his hardest to find it inbetween the freezing water, the fact that he's practically blind right now, and that he just lost the rest of his air supply.

Eevee watches the icebergs and ponders his next action carefully. Seeing no way to counter the attack, Eevee cuts his losses and races over to Jameson, focusing his strength into a temporary protective barrier around him.

Nagol finally has had it and throws the Star Rod into the air and sucks up the Fire Star! Nagol transforms into a Fire Kirby! He grabs the Star Rod as it falls down.

Nagol says to Shiva, "Now I'm going all out on you!"

Between Mogwai helping him hit the surface for air, and Twilight's water breathing spell, Finn is still in a blind panic, gripping tightly to Mogwai. "Ocean. Hate oceans. Get me outta here!" It's clear that Finn is.. PROBABLY not going to be much help while the water is still around. This could be a complicated mess, unless someone can get rid of the water. It's a wonder he's trying not to climb on you to escape the ocean.. but that might come soon if the water persists.

Mogwai climbs up onto an iceberg "Twi, Nagol, see if you can finish off Shiva. Finn, Eevee, if we want this water to go away we'll need to defeat Leviathan." Both of the avatars get ready to retaliate against whatever comes their way.

Nagol says 'Twilight! Can you hit me with your strongest fire attack? It should increase my Fire Power!'

There's another build-up of heat around Twilight Sparkle's horn, just before the temperature spike coalesces into a small orb of magma. At Nagol's request, the unicorbrarian's firing the small orb off, coating it with a waterproofing spell before it leaves her sphere of protection. "One fire-attack, coming up!"

Nagol 's Fire on his head greatly increases with the Fire Orb from Twilight Sparkle!
Jameson coughs, and swallows a mouthfull of water before finding his respirator. He brings it to his mouth and breathes deeply from the supplied air before looking about and trying to find out where in the hell he was.

Nagol says 'James! Put on the Amulet!'

Satisfied that Jameson is safe from the icebergs, Eevee drops the barrier around him and shifts his attention towards Leviathan. He proceeds to gather his energy and channel it into a powerful hyperbeam!

Nagol channels all his energy and says, "Everyone get Down! Take this!" Nagol releases all his power into one giant Fire Wave which cover the entire room with a Super Nova Heat Blast!

Shiva can't really dodge from the attack, and seems much weaker. The water level begins to drop, but the icebergs are shrinking even faster. Poor Finn.

With Mogwai’s assistance, Finn climbs up onto an iceberg, pleased to get out of the water, clutching to the iceberg now like it's his lifeline, as if by falling into the water, he may very well die. Which is true in some cases and exceptions, but not particularly so, even in this situation. But try telling that to Finn. As the water level goes down, and the icebergs begin to shrink, he seems a bit more at ease, but not much more. "So, what should we do, then?"

Nagol also throws Finn the Giant Protective Bubble Machine he made on the Raft.

"One final strike? Leave it to me." Twilight Sparkle focuses, turning her entire body - mane and tail included - a brilliant red hue, before moving full-speed at Shiva in a Flame Charge-esque tackle. "I'm ending this!"
Mogwai yells out "Attack! I'll support you from the rear." She performs a dance, and at first nothing appears to happen... until Leviathan tries to attack Eevee and someone manages to painfully twist himself in a knot. Eevee's hyperbeam goes off without a hitch, smashing Leviathan against the wall. Lastly, Shiva attempts to desperately take out Nagol, unleashing a flurry of punches and kicks.

Nagol 's Fire dies down alittle but Nagol counters Shiva with Punches and Kicks of his own

Jameson finally spots Shiva's legs, partially submerged in the water, and pulls two things from his belt. A pokeball, and the amulet he was given earlier. He wraps the water-defying token around the pokeball, and flings it at the Avatar's legs.

Finn watches as Leviathan hits the wall from the fierce Hyper Beam, and he finds that the water has disappeared enough to be suitable to step into. It helps that there's no endless amount of ocean off into the horizon. It helps with his nerves, anyway. With sword clenched tightly in his hand, he glances back at Mogwai, waiting for an opening against Shiva.

As with any Hyper Beam, Eevee must rest for a bit to regain his strength.

Nagol with some of the last of his strength powers Finn's Sword with Fire

Shiva appears to be gaining the upper hand, when Nagol grapples her in time for Twilight's charge and Finn's attack to connect. The weakened avatar is easily captured by Jameson. "One down, one to go." says Mogwai. She performs another dance, spotlights shining down on Leviathan, blinding him and keeping him from untangling himself "With all of us here, how can we lose? For victory!"

Nagol blows the last of his Fire Power as a powerful Fire Breath

Twilight Sparkle goes barreling in at her fastest, lowering her horn and channeling additional magma energy into a corona in front of her, with heat trailing her charge into Leviathan.

Jameson doesn't give enough of a shit to try and work out the battle with Leviathan, instead he just swims up and retrieves the floating pokeball that now houses... something.

Nagol catches himself as he falls on the ground trying to regain his energy

Nagol loses his Fire Kirby power and the Fire Star returns next to the Star Rod

As Eevee recovers from the Hyper Beam, he races next to Twilight to join her in her attack, gathering light to power his tackle.

Finn notes that Eevee and Twilight are going in for the kill, and his sword has again regained its previous fire enchantment. So he leaves Mogwai to join in the charge. It may be overkill, but one can't be too sure. He leaps up to land gently on Twilight's back, sword held to his side, ready to lunge and deal a blow at the same time as the others!

Mogwai charges in with the rest of them, for lack of anything better to do. What results is indescribably over the top, a combination attack of unseen power. When all is said and done, there is a puddle of molten rock where Leviathan once stood.

Nagol runs toward them for the final blow hitting the Leviathan with the Star Rod!

Twilight Sparkle, with the added power from multiple assists, begins to glow white, tail seemingly disappearing in her charge until she's on the other side of Leviathan's remains. "What a RUSH...!"

Nagol falls down on the ground from exhaustion from the Final Blow

Undine comes out of hiding once the fighting is over. All the frozen palace accessories have long since melted, leaving a simple cave with a pure lake in the back "Oh, thank you so much for saving me from that horrible thing. What ever could I do for you adventurers?"

Upon completion of the charge, Eevee's energy depletes and his Lumineon form fades away. For a brief moment, he watches as his clarity fades. A once calm mind capable of near perfect thought fades as quickly as it came as--oh look a mermaid thing! Heeheehee!

With a flip, Finn lands on the floor, flicking his sword with a surprisingly swift movement, dispelling the flames from around his blade. With the flames gone, he can put the sword away, turning to look back and notice Undine. "Is this what we were going for?" He's curious, turning to look back at the others. He'd joined so late that he wasn't sure if he really deserved to make a demand or anything. so instead, he slowly moves to pluck up Mogwai, holding her close as he moves to join the others.

From the remains of Shiva and the Leviathan, a Star Rod Piece that Nagol has been looking for lands on the Ground!

Nagol slowly but surely walks over to the Star Rod Piece

Mogwai bows down "We seek your blessing, for the good of this world and my own."

Jameson pulls his rebreather off again, and just sits down for a while, breathing deeply to try and calm himself down.

Nagol holds the Star Rod Piece and says, "This is the Star Rod Piece of Ice!

Eevee is distracted by Undine's tail.

Twilight Sparkle closes her eyes once again, bowing in respect and waiting patiently for Undine's blessing.

Finn, naturally, seems a bit oblivious to the fact that they're bowing to Undine. "Her blessing? I'm confused." And that confusion is palpable on his face. Even so, he doesn't want to interrupt any further, so he decides it's best to stay quiet. After all, this seems to be their quest, not his.

Nagol combines the Star Rod with the Ice Star Rod Piece, and a Light Blue Star joins the Red Star's rotation on the Star Rod

Undine bows her head, and a cool blue light descends around Mogwai and her companions "This is the least that I can do. I shall listen to the words of the waves eagerly for news of your quest. I wish you well."

Nagol bows to Undine

Nagol smiles and says to Undine, "Thank you for leading me to the Star Rod Pieces!"

Undine points to the pool behind her "My one last gift to you is a quick way home. Simply jump in there to get back to Truce. Though, it doesn't work the other way around." Mogwai takes her up on the offer and jumps in.

Nagol waves good bye to Undine and Jumps into the Pool

Twilight Sparkle stands up and moves towards the pool, even as her mane, tail, and Cutie Mark glow a deep blue to signify the ability to use a new super-spell.

With the blue light descending on him, Finn blinks a bit, not quite sure what to think of the blessing he's received. How does he utilize it? What does it do? Many questions cross his mind, but all he really says is: "Thanks, lady!" Not quite respectful, but to be at least mildly ignored, due to his age and his obvious obliviousness. "So, what did that do, anyway?" May as well ask while he's at it. Of course, he doesn't want to be left behind, and he moves to quickly dive after Mogwai! Sploosh!

Eevee follows the others, taking in Undine's blessing.

Jameson sighs heavily, and trudges into the pool. He's too tired to even put out a snark.

Undine says "The blessing varies from person to person. Just know that the water is now your friend."

Eevee jumps into the air and gives Twilight a MEGA high five!

Mogwai finds herself submerged in water, and quickly swims back up, finding herself underneat the docks at Truce

Nagol swims after Mogwai

Jameson surfaces quickly, and steps onto the beach, dragging his feet. He pulls the Scuba gear off of himself, and sets about pulling the clinging wetsuit from his body.

Eevee follows Mogwai through, perhaps a little too closely. He slams right between her legs.

Finn follows closely.. but then realizes that they are, again, in the ocean. In a panic, he literally swims up, bolting past the two like a rocket, landing on dry land almost like a fish out of water, panting heavily. Poor kid is probably traumatized by all of this, now. Ocean is not his friend, no matter how much Undine says otherwise.

Mogwai eeps! She grabs Eevee... that had to have been on purpose

Nagol says to Finn, "Can I borrow your Amulet Finn?

Eevee tries to assure her that it was not. Well, maybe a little.

Twilight Sparkle simply teleports the rest of the way, dismissing the combination of spells she had cast earlier once she's on the pier, and instinctively shaking her mane and tail dry.

Mogwai says 'Thank you all for coming. Until next time.'

Twilight says 'Of course. I'll be here.'

Nagol hands Finn a new Amulet and says, "This Amulet creates a bubble around you Finn.

Mogwai drags Eevee off "And just for that stunt, you and I are going to going to practice with your new abilities, and that's all. No bonus for you."

Finn glances at Nagol, standing as he tries to wring his clothes dry. "Oh, thanks. I don't ever go out on the ocean, so I probably don't need it," he admits, but he takes it, anyway. Never know when you'll wind up teleported into the ocean again. He watches the others disperse, and he blinks, rushing to catch up with Twilight.

Eevee sulks. He likes the bonus! :(

Jameson grunts. "Yeah yeah. Don't thank me for unfreezing you, ya floppy legged fuck." He throws the wetsuit behind his shoulder, and then wanders off to be left to his own devices.

Nagol says to Mogwai, "Thanks for allow me to come on your journey Mogwai."

Mogwai hugs Nagol "No problem"

Jameson nods.

Nagol says to Mogwai, "I'll be glad to join you next time! Were ever you go I seem to find a Star Rod Piece along the way."