???? ???? ??? ????
Only a few footsteps ahead lies an infinite expanse of silent, featureless '
void, without so much as a guardrail holding it back ' ,-'
' ' ,- ---'-- ---'- -/
' ,- --- ----'-- ------ --'---- -------'--/ '
--'--'--/ ' dangle down enticingly
' branches, occasionally wriggling about. There are some aged
trees, with holes opening up

(] Exits: none [)
A gigantic vehicle of treetrunks, tubers, and scrap metal is here.
Forte is here.
Korryn is here.
Rathorn is here.
Dusk is here.
Lenai is here.
(Pink Aura) Kolem is here.

You say 'YOU!'

You say 'What have you done?!'

Kolem says ' Oh! Prophet! Hello!'

Kolem looks at you.

Dusk says 'Oh, we just decided to drop in.'

Kolem says ' We've found you, of course.'

Imbibobot runs over to the drilling vessel, eyeing it frantically.

Dusk says 'Litterly.'

Forte says ' And dug a hole in the ground. I did NOT expect it to work.'

You say 'Where is she?'

You say 'Why is the ark covered in all this blood?'

Dusk says 'The ark?'

Kolem points at Dusk accusingly.

Dusk says 'I assure you, that is a coincidental red liquid and not at all blood.'

Kolem says ' ...someone saw fit to mindlessly slaughter any number of rabites.'

Kolem says ' I was opposed to the idea.'

Dusk says 'Utter slander! I did it to protect this 'ark'.'

Kolem looks miserable for a moment, then passes something to Imbibobot.

Kolem gives you a shot of Frog Flare.

> look flare
The shotglass for this local specialty is shaped like a little frog with
a gaping mouth. An occasional, faint "ribbit" can be heard coming out of
the transparent red fluid.

Dusk says 'Imean, I threatned them of course. They just magically exploded and died by themselves.'

Forte says ' Smooth by the way.'

You say 'Thank you, but that isn't necessary anymore.'

Kolem says ' ...Oh. You're back in order, then?'

Kolem says ' Where are we?'

You say '...although, if you've killed her, maybe a drink or two wouldn't be out of the question.'

Dusk blinks in utter disbelief.

You drink local specialty from a shot of Frog Flare.
Empty, a shot of Frog Flare magically recycles itself into thin air.

Kolem says ' ..."Her"?'

Dusk says 'The Prophet of Alcoholism says that alcohol isn't necessary anymore?'

Dusk says 'Who are you and what have you done with our Prophet?!'

You say 'I'm the same as I ever was.'

You say 'More awake, maybe. A lot more awake.'

Forte says ' Ram upgrade?'

You shake your head.

Korryn tilts his head at you as he ponders your mysteries.

Dusk says 'What's so important about these rabites, anyway? And this 'ark' seems a little, uh..lowly.'

You say 'Something triggered in me. Maybe it was because of that invention you have.'

You point at it accusingly.

You say 'But that doesn't matter. What's more important is that the Inventor is dead.'

Rathorn says 'Inventor?'

You say 'The rabite he murdered!'

> point dusk
You point at it accusingly.

Kolem says ' ..I'm sorry. If I had been there, I...'

You say 'The rabite who I presume is splattered all over the ark!'

Forte says ' Once again, smooth move jackass.'

Kolem says ' Is there nothing that can be done?'

Dusk says 'How rude. I prefer the phrase 'whom's life was sucked into the void of ever consuming darkness'.'

Dusk says 'And don't be silly. The Inventor died centuries ago.'

You say 'Yes, that's true.'

You say 'Many of them have.'

Forte says ' Wait'

Forte says ' Many Inventors?'

You say 'We have work we must do, but I will try to explain.'

You say 'Do you see where we are? Look all around you.'

Forte casts a gaze about the area.

Imbibobot makes a sweeping gesture at the split landscape.

Kolem says ' ....'

Forte says ' Yyyup.'

Kolem says ' This is... nothing. Nothing after nothing after nothing.'

Kolem says ' Is this unnatural space?'

You say 'We are in the space between worlds.'

You say 'Think of it as a cleft within the Cleft.'

Korryn says 'A pocket dimention?'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem clambers free of the digger, and sits, listening intently.

You say 'Not exactly. It's no different a dimension than the one I was built in or the one you woke up in this morning.'

You say 'Our world is stitched together from many others.'

You say 'We stand at the seams.'

Korryn says 'Like clothing?'

Forte says ' Theoretically someone could destroy us all at one of these points couldn't they?'

Dusk blinks at Forte in confusion.

Kolem says ' A place where the thread holding the garment of our world is visible...'

Korryn says 'If it is 'seams' like clothing, One tear would ruin the rest, would it?'

> nod korryn
You nod in agreement with him.

Forte says ' Damn straight, the both of you.'

Dusk says 'You don't say...'

Dusk says 'And, uh, all of these seams can be reached by drilling into the ground?'

You say 'The Inventors are called to repair them.'

Kolem says ' ...the Rabite who built this device.'

Rathorn says 'And how many Inventors are there?'

Kolem looks at the rabite's vessel.

You say 'It was the same for James as it was for the rabite who built the machine next to us.'

Kolem says ' ...That strange, unnatural level of inspiriation he had. Is it connected? Some kind of...'

Kolem says ' Summons?'

Korryn says 'So without the Inventor, these seams would break, destroying the cleft?'

You say 'An itch, in the back of the mind. A compulsion to create. Sometimes understanding, sometimes not understanding.'

Forte says ' Crazy men doing crazy things.'

Dusk says 'So..without the Inventors, the cleft will fall apart..'

Dusk smiles happily.

Korryn looks at Dusk.

You say 'It is like a summons, yes.'

Forte says ' And someone just killed the Inventor that was supposed to fix this place?'

You say 'James thought the urge to invent came from God.'

You say 'I've come to believe the same.'

Kolem says ' ...'

Korryn says 'Why are you smiling Dusk?'

Kolem says ' This... God, you're talking about.'

Dusk says 'I'm just glad that our search has led us to the truth.'

Kolem looks nervous.

> look kolem
Stationed stout and sturdy before you is a Koopa--a bipedal tortoise.
This one looks like they have a tattered yellow shell, practically
covered with talon, claw, and toothmarks. Even the under-carapace is
scuffed in half a dozen places, hinting at a lifetime in the wilderness.
Yet there are other marks, too--lines across the creature's beak that could
only have been put there by a lifetime of smiling, and a sparkling light
hiding just beyond their green eyes.

You say 'Yes?'

Korryn says 'Wait, why can't these seams repair themself? Wouldn't SpaceTime automatically want to repair the break in the seams, with no help from the outside world? Are 'Inventors' chosen by the cleft itself?'

Kolem says ' ...this "God"... of invention, are they--'

Lenai says ' Isn't the Cleft an unnatural occurance, so spacetime would want to destroy it to fix the other worlds?'
Forte looks blankly at Korryn.

Kolem says ' --the one who...'

Lenai says ' At least, by his logic.'

Lenai looks at Korryn.

Kolem looks extremely nervous.

Kolem says ' Are they the Origin of the Cleft?'

Korryn sits down and thinks deeply.

Lenai thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Lenai looks at the rabite's vessel.

Kolem fumbles quietly with a quill he did not have before.

Lenai looks at Kolem.

Lenai thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

You say 'Spacetime has no motives. There is no automatic repair, there is no automatic destruction.'

Kolem says ' It's up to us.'

Forte says ' Yaknow, I'm glad you lot are about at this point.'

You say 'But, all things age and wither. They must be repaired.'

Lenai says ' We need a REALLY big needle'

Lenai says ' And some magic thread!'

Kolem nods in agreement with you.

> point lenai
You point at her accusingly.

You say 'Yes, we do!'

Lenai says ' ...Or is it a magic needle and really big thread...'

You say 'Steel cable works better, but the principle is the same.'

Kolem says ' ....wh--really?'

Lenai says ' MAGIC steel cable!'

Kolem goes quiet.

Kolem fumbles with something...
Korryn says 'Steal won't bend like thread though.'

Lenai says ' To make it last longer!'

You say 'I spent... a very long time here. I had tools.'

You say 'But they're gone now.'

Kolem gives you some strong rope.

> look rope
It looks like it's useful for escaping to safety.

You say '!'

Kolem says ' ...Always have some rope. First rule.'

Lenai says ' Now we just need a needle!'

Korryn says 'At least, not without someone, or thing, that can bend metal.'

Lenai says ' Or maybe a sword would do..'

Forte gets Needle Cannon from an explorer's backpack.

Lenai blinks in utter disbelief.

Forte says ' Don't suppose...'

Imbibobot is astonished.

You say 'Please, hand me that!'

Dusk says 'It would seem..'

Kolem looks at Banjo's Backpack in its inventory.

Forte gives you Needle Cannon.

> look needle
This armcannon is designed for use by reploids. It is blue and white and
shoots out rapid-fire needles.

Kolem looks at a large battered suitcase in its inventory.

Forte says ' Long story, don't ask me why I have it.'

Kolem looks at a nanowave oven in its inventory.

Dusk says 'That this 'god' has brought together all that is needed.'

Forte says ' You need it though?'

Forte says ' All yours little man.'

Lenai pokes you in the ribs.

You say 'Hmm. This might work.'

Kolem says ' ...I don't know if this will be useful or not, but maybe it can be used for parts.'

Kolem gives you a nanowave oven.

Dusk says 'Does this god..exist anywhere inside the cleft?'

> look oven
A high-tech, marvelous gadget. It'll make your life twice as nice. What
a shame you don't know what it does.

You say 'This oven makes me... nostalgic.'

You say 'Inside the cleft? Yes.'

Kolem says ' You should keep it... as a memento.'

Lenai says ' No, the oven is nostalgic. The oven makes you FEEL nostalgia.'

Forte looks at Lenai.

You say 'Ah, indeed!'

Lenai looks at Forte.

Lenai waves happily.

Dusk says 'Do you know where?'

Forte says ' I'd raise a point about if grammar is really our biggest worry.'

Forte says ' But I'm not exactly a huge brain here, so I'll leave that to you lot.'

Kolem says ' Mm. How can we keep the Seam together?'

Kolem says ' Assuming the rope works, and the needle works...'

Kolem says ' ...we still need to be able to pull it.'

You say 'God, our Original Inventor, works somewhere in these intersticial spaces.'

You say 'I have not met Him.'

Lenai says ' Maybe we could use duct-tape!'

Rathorn says 'Can't we just, you know, pull it?'

You say 'But the more important business right now is repairs.'

Dusk says 'Ah, yes. It would be gravely unfortunately if the seams were to fall apart!'

You say 'Everyone, get in the ark. We will attempt the repairs in the Inventor's absence.'

You sit in the rabite's vessel.

Forte sits in the rabite's vessel.

Rathorn sits in the rabite's vessel.

Dusk sits in the rabite's vessel.

Lenai thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

You say 'I'm reminded of the ark I took here. The first time around.'

Lenai looks at the rabite's vessel.

Imbibobot fiddles around with something on the inside of the ark.

Dusk thinks to himself, "I'll help them repair this one..after all, why destroy the seams now when there is still one more objective to find?"

Lenai boggles in complete incomprehension.

Dusk grins evilly.

Somehow, a path opens up to the east.

Lenai screams loudly!

Kolem sits in the rabite's vessel.

Kolem braces himself.

Lenai gets out and pushes it east.

Lenai drives the rabite's vessel east.

??? ?????? ?? ??????
' tiny concrete platform just big enough for
---'--. ' standing ' suspended
\--'- -------'----` ' ,--'. in the
slight ' \'- - - - - - - -'-/ \ nothingness
clearing in the jungle ' \ '
begins here, continuing northward back out -' -----'- -
where the sounds of splashing of the jungle '
can be heard into the jurassic meadow

(] Exits: west [)
A gigantic vehicle of treetrunks, tubers, and scrap metal is here.
Korryn is here.
(Pink Aura) Kolem is riding in the rabite's vessel.
Dusk is riding in the rabite's vessel.
Rathorn is riding in the rabite's vessel.
Forte is riding in the rabite's vessel.
Lenai is riding in the rabite's vessel.

Lenai stands up.

Rathorn stands up.

You say 'There. We need to close that gap.'

Kolem stands up.

Forte stands up.

Forte whistles low and long.

Lenai thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Korryn sits in the rabite's vessel.

Forte says ' That's a bit of a gap.'

Kolem cringes.

Lenai says ' I know! One of us needs to go to the other side and we need to toss the needle back and forth, slowly closing the gap..'

Kolem says ' ...Right...'

The sky gradually reddens as dusk sets in.
Rathorn says 'But how do we get over there?'

Lenai says ' I have jet boots!'

Korryn says 'How would one of us get across though?'

Kolem says ' Can you make the flight?'

Forte says ' Jet boots or just plain thrusters?'

Forte says ' Because I have thrusters and I don't know if I could clear that.'

Dusk drops a menacing vulture glider.

Dusk stands up.

Dusk sits on a menacing vulture glider.

Lenai says ' Jet boots, not thrusters.'

Forte says ' Oor the rabite-killer could pull out a glider'

Kolem says ' Guide, can you tell us the properties of the void?'

Lenai looks at the gap and thinks.

Rathorn says 'but what happens if the needle doesn't get across and it falls in the gap?'

Dusk says 'That's Guardian of the Ark to you!'

Forte says ' Yeah yeah, whatever you say boyo.'

Kolem says ' ...'

You say 'The properties of the void? It is just... space.'

Kolem says ' ...A complete vaccum?'

You say 'The gap is bottomless. It is an excellent garbage disposal.'

Korryn says 'Nothingness, if the needle falls, we pull the rope to get it back'

Forte says ' Is it wise to throw garbage in the space between worlds?'

Lenai says ' I also don't need to breath! So I should be fine if there's no air.'

Kolem says ' ...Yeah. You can always rely on good rope.'

Dusk thinks to himself, "Oh how I wish to just push the turtle in. But..need them a little longer."

You say 'No, disposing garbage like that is a poor idea. The second Inventor realized that the hard way.'

Dusk beams a smile at Kolem.

Kolem looks over at Dusk demurely.

Lenai licks Kolem.

Kolem says ' "Would you like to explore?"'

Forte says ' That reminds me. After all this, me and you should go out drinking.'

Kolem says ' ...is going through your head.'

Forte nudges Imbibo with his elbow.

Lenai pokes you in the ribs.

You say 'After all this...! Sure.'

Kolem says ' That aside...'

Forte says ' Right'

You say 'I should hand these materials to whoever can cross this gap.'

> peer lenai
You peer at her quizzically.

Lenai nods.

You give some strong rope to Lenai.

You give Needle Cannon to Lenai.

Korryn says 'May I do the honors of crossing?'

Kolem salutes Lenai.

Lenai looks at Needle Cannon in her inventory.

Forte says ' I think we should let her do this one kid.'

Lenai says ' Ooh!'

Forte looks at Lenai.

Forte says ' Be careful over there.'

Lenai equips the needle cannon and shoots out a needle, attaching some rope to it.

Lenai nods.

Kolem says ' Good luck. We're all counting on you.'

Korryn salutes Lenai.

Lenai looks at the gap and gulps, putting the needle through this side, starting a flight to the other.

Dusk stands up.

Dusk gets a menacing vulture glider.

Forte says ' Everyone keep a lookout for odd, interdimensional monsters.'

Forte says ' This is exactly the point in stories where everything goes to hell.'

Dusk says 'Yes, we wouldn't want for them to unexpectedly show up and accidently push any of us into the endless void of space.'

Kolem says ' That would be awful.'

Lenai sticks the needle through the other side and starts on her way back, continuing the process back and forth, tightening the sides together slowly.

Kolem is keeping an eye on dusk.

You say 'There are no guardrails in this cleft. Be careful.'

Korryn says 'Moogles can fly, we have wings. So it would have to push me down, constantly, hopefully I won't be a target like that...'

Lenai gets it through the last time, the two sides coming together at last.

Lenai sits down and rests.

Lenai says ' Is that good?'

Kolem cringes, the wrenching of the void and the shifting of matter through it leaving him somewhat... humbled.

You say 'Good. Take a look.'


??? ?????? ?? ??????
' tiny concrete platform just big enough for standing ' suspended
---'--. ' in the nothingness
\--'- -------'----` ' ,--'.
slight ' \'- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -'-/ \
clearing in the jungle ' \ '
begins here, continuing northward back out where the sounds of -' -----'- -
splashing can be heard into the jurassic meadow '

(] Exits: east west [)

Kolem says ' ...Woof.'

Forte says ' Looks almost like new.'

Lenai pokes Forte in the ribs.

Forte says ' Hm?'

Lenai looks at Forte.

Lenai says ' Want it back now?'

Forte nods.

Kolem says ' How many gaps of this nature do you suppose there are?'

Forte says ' Sure, I'll take it.'

Lenai unequips the needle cannon.

Lenai gives Needle Cannon to Forte.

Forte says ' Who knows when I'll need to use it to sew the world back together again'

Forte puts Needle Cannon in an explorer's backpack.

Lenai picks up the single needle and puts it in her hoodie.

Lenai says ' For good luck.'

You say 'It has been some time since a new Inventor has come here. Probably several dozen.'

Forte says ' Acceptable to me.'

You say 'Gaps are not the worst of our problems.'

You say 'Everyone, back in the ark!'

Dusk sits in the rabite's vessel.
Rathorn sits in the rabite's vessel.

You sit in the rabite's vessel.

Lenai sits at the rabite's vessel.

Forte sits in the rabite's vessel.

Imbibobot flips some secret switches.

Korryn sits at the rabite's vessel.

Kolem blinks in utter disbelief.

Somehow, the path opens up to the east.

You say 'Driver, thataway!'

Lenai pokes Dusk in the ribs.

Lenai drives the rabite's vessel east.

white and black oooooooooooooo ooooooooo
checkberboard covers the oooooooooooo ooo ,----. *
' landscape ,-/ \ ****
---'-------'--. ' ,----------'----------------------/ oooooo *****---
' \---'----'-/ ' ********oooooo
ancient stone ' path that ******** **** ooooo
leads through an ever shadier, darker *** *****
section of the jungle. A pair of tiny ****

(] Exits: [east] west [)
A gigantic vehicle of treetrunks, tubers, and scrap metal is here.
Forte is riding in the rabite's vessel.
Rathorn is riding in the rabite's vessel.
Dusk is riding in the rabite's vessel.
Korryn is riding in the rabite's vessel.
Lenai is riding in the rabite's vessel.

Kolem has arrived from the west.

Forte says ' Oh good lord what is all this'

Kolem sits in the rabite's vessel.

Lenai blinks in utter disbelief.

Lenai thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Lenai snaps her fingers.

You say 'The cleft is held together by more than just lone seams.'

Kolem says ' What else...'

Kolem blinks, rapidly.

You say 'Many individual seams are braided together.'

You say 'This is the start of such a braid.'

Lenai thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Kolem says ' ...I see...'

You say 'The braids are resilient and lasting. They bear the load of the cosmic strains experienced here.'

Lenai says ' So...'

Forte says ' Anyone know how to do a french braid?'

Lenai says ' The Cleft is held together by steel rope?'

Kolem says ' ...nothing seems to be wrong so far...'

You say 'And regular rope, too, at least back there.'

Kolem nods.

Lenai looks at the needle she kept with her.

Lenai looks at the rabite's vessel.

Lenai thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Korryn says 'A braid isn't that hard to do, simple pattern.'

You say 'I should be able to use the ark to open up the other strands.'

You sit at the rabite's vessel.

Lenai says ' Is there a way to detect if there are tears?'

Kolem hunkers down...

There sure are a lot of secret controls in here! *click*

Kolem says ' ...It's up to you, sir.'

Paths open up to the south and northwest.

You say 'Detecting tears? Yes. A lifetime of patrols.'

Lenai says ' ...Sounds... Erm... Boring!'

You say 'Lonely walks along the edge of reality. For years. For as long as you can.'

You say 'That is the burden of the Inventors.'

Kolem says ' ...'

Forte says ' Shit. Sucks.'

Kolem says ' ...this untold story... is a powerful one.'

Dusk says 'Sounds exciting! I wouldn't mind patrolling, for the good fight of course.'

Dusk pats Kolem on its back.

Kolem says ' Lives, dragging on and on, through the neighboring void's omnipresent threat...'

Kolem says ' ...'

Kolem says ' I feel sorry for them.'

Lenai frowns.

Lenai hugs it. *squeeze*

You say 'James never reached this place.'

Kolem nods slowly.

Kolem says ' ...But you have.'

You say 'I am only an assistant.'

You say 'James's son and I spent a lifetime here.'

You say 'His lifetime.'

Kolem says ' ....'

Forte says ' Odd.'

Forte says ' The 'inventors' have not made anything to do this automatically. Or at least from afar.'

Dusk says 'Oh but one has.'

Dusk says 'Not quite.'

Dusk says 'The one he was referring to.'